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Incredibly Easy Ways To Exercise Even When Your Busy

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According to the American Institute of Reboundology, two of the top 10 reasons people don’t exercise are exercise boredom and perception that exercise is too difficult. But, in reality, both of these objections really are just myths based on bad information or previous bad experiences.

Fitting in exercise time can be incredibly easy and even enjoyable. Below are list of some of the easiest ways to workout and in some cases even have fun while doing it.


  1. Outdoor lawn work. Such things as pushing a lawn mower, raking leaves and gardening are all beneficial, low impact ways to burn some calories.
  2. Table tennis (ping-pong). If you are like most of us, you’ve probably played table tennis some time in your life either battling a sibling or friend as a child or at a social party as an adult. It keeps you on your feet and moving about so it ranks as an easy and fun way to get in a little exercise.
  3. Cleaning windows. Raise your hand if your windows are less than “clear”! Sure, cleaning windows is not the most fun activity but one that almost all of us need to do a few times a year. Next time you dread the thought of window cleaning time, remember it’s another way to burn calories and work your upper body.
  4. Stair climbing. If you’ve got a flight of stairs in your home or nearby, then you have an instant, inexpensive piece of fitness equipment. Simply walking up a flight of stairs and back down (even at a slow pace), and repeating that sequence for just 5-10 minutes will give you a very effective workout.
  5. Pass time efficiently. Waiting for a pot to boil? Try some standing wall push-ups while you wait.
  6. If you spend many weekends or evenings watching a child play a sport, utilize that time for some of your own workout time. Instead of plopping down in a chair for the duration, take a long walk around the field several times or just small paces back and forth. Any movement is more beneficial than sitting.
  7. During television commercials, get down on the floor and alternate doing sit-ups and leg lifts. You’ll be amazed at how many repetitions you can fit in during the commercials of a half hour show.
  8. Help others while you help yourself. Sign-up for several charity fitness events throughout the year. This doesn’t have to be a strenuous race. There are many fun-walk events throughout the country that let you even participate with family members. The event itself will help you meet fitness objectives and if you spend some time training for it in advance then you’ll reap even more benefits.

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