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Get Out Of Your Workout Rut Get Out Of Your Workout Rut

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Do you feel like you are in a workout rut? Do you find yourself doing the same exercises month after month or even year after year? If so, youíve probably found your motivation is waning. And youíre not alone!

A study by the University of Florida at Gainesville found that performing the same type of exercise repetitiously increases the probability that you will not stick to it. And they learned that exercise variety may be a primary key to maintaining motivation and hence sticking to your workout regime.

Letís face it, virtually all aspects of your life can quickly become monotonous if you do the same thing day-in and day-out. After all, variety is the spice of life. And fitness is no exception. No matter whether you are a newbie to the exercise world or a seasoned veteran, youíll have more success if you enjoy what you are doing. And you will be much more likely to enjoy what you are doing if you include variety.

So, how can you avoid getting stuck in an exercise rut? Here are a few super easy ways to keep changing things up.

Start by writing down all the different exercise options that you have ever performed. If you are an exercise novice, you may not have many to write down. For example, maybe all you have tried is walking and bike riding. But, thatís okay. Thatís all you need to get started for at least a couple of weeks. So, try doing those few options for the first couple of weeks. If you are a seasoned exerciser, then you will probably have a large list. Just choose a couple to get you started. 

The next step is to do a little leg work to make your list longer. Flip through magazines, books and online fitness sites to search for new alternatives to add to your list. If you work with a fitness professional, they will have a wealth of exercise options to share with you which will make your list writing much easier. You can also ask friends and family members for suggestions based on what they have tried. Now your list should be getting rather long.

But, make sure you arenít getting stuck into one particular kind of workout. For example, you donít want only cardio-emphasis workouts (e.g. walking, swimming, jogging, biking) and you donít want only strength training options (push-ups, squats, dumbbell exercises). To ensure your workouts are effective, you need to cover all of primary exercise components: cardio, strength and stretch.

So, group your workout options into these categories. Now is the fun part Ė mixing them up to give your routine a real spark of motivation. Consider writing the workout name on pieces of paper and cutting them out. Then place the pieces of paper by category into three different hats. Each day choose one piece of paper from one or all of the ďhatsĒ and that will be your workout for the day.

Another fun way to keep variety in your exercises is to write the names of each workout on a white board. Pick one (or more) to do each day. As you choose that workout erase it from the white board so you canít perform that workout the next day. Repetition will not be part of YOUR regimen.

Have fun and youíll probably think of other clever ways to keep variety in your routine!

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