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Common Fitness Mistakes...

     and how to avoid them

Too Much, Too Soon
Many new exercisers try to lose weight or tone up too quickly, by exercising too frequently or trying exercise programs that are too difficult for their fitness level.  
WFY remedy: By utilizing the comprehensive information collected through our client questionnaire, we are able to ensure that your program starts you out with exercises that are at your individual level. As you progress forward in your fitness ability, then we recommend different programs that match your current level. Feedback you provide through out client workout accountability system helps us monitor your progress.  

Setting Unrealistic Goals

Despite what many advertisers would like you to believe, itís unrealistic to think you can lose 30 pounds in 30 days or that you can have Hollywood abs simply by doing 10 minutes of crunches a day. 
WFY remedy:  When you enroll in one of our programs you are asked to provide us with your goals.  We review those to make sure that they are realistic and achievable and we'll help you re-define them if necessary.

Workout Rut  

Once you find an exercise that you really enjoy or (more commonly) one that isnít too difficult (hence, thatís why you enjoy it), itís easy to get in a routine of doing that same exercise over and over.  This often causes your body to reach a plateau because it becomes too accustomed to the routine. 
WFY remedy:  Every week of your customized training program will include different exercise routines. This helps prevent your body from getting in a rut/hitting a plateau, plus it prevents you from getting bored!

Trying Radical Fitness Programs  

Many exercises try ďmagicĒ pills or bizarre diets to get in shape. Not only do these programs not work, they can even be dangerous.
WFY remedy:  Workouts For You doesnít sell pills or supplements and all of our recipes and recommended meal plans are based on well-balanced foods as recommended by the government food pyramid. 
Strength Training Incorrectly  
Knowing how to strength train correctly can be confusing. Novices often lift too little or too much weight, perform too few or too many reps and donít know how much time to rest between sets. 

WFY remedy:  Workouts For You provides you with very detailed strength training instructions that include exercise type, size of weights, number of reps, number of sets and resting time.

Wrong Exercise Choices  

One of the main reasons that people quit exercise programs is because they are bored or donít enjoy the activity they are doing. In order to stay motivated, itís important to participate in an activity that you enjoy doing. 
WFY remedy:  By providing us with your current exercise regimen, that helps us understand what types of exercise you like to do. We design your personalized program with your current regimen in mind. And, if you donít enjoy an activity we recommend, all you have to do is tell us and weíll re-design it for you. 
Improper Weight Training Technique  
Perfecting proper weight training techniques can be difficult. There are an infinite number of incorrect ways to complete the moves. Without proper guidance, it is easy to perform exercises incorrectly. This can easily lead to injuries. 
WFY remedy:  Workouts For You provides 3-D demonstrations and detailed technique instructions for every weight exercise we recommend.
Not Stretching  
Stretching is typically not a high priority on most peopleís exercise checklist. But it should be because stretching helps prevent injuries, increases your range of motion, and improves coordination. 
WFY remedy:  All of our programs include stretching along with 3-D demonstrations and detailed instructions to ensure proper stretching technique.
Trying to Spot Reduce
Many people think that you can get a flat stomach just by doing sit-ups or that you can make your butt smaller if you do enough squats. The truth is that in order to lose inches or tone up any part of your body you must work your entire body and ensure that you are burning enough calories. 
WFY remedy: Every Workouts For You program is designed to provide a total, complete body workout. This will help you with your trouble spots while also improving the rest of your body (including your cardiovascular fitness).  
Exercising Too Frequently  
In a desire to get in shape quickly, many exercisers get too gung ho and exercise every single day or several times a day. It is important to find the right balance to ensure that your body gets necessary rest. 
WFY remedy:  Our programs take into consideration the rest requirements a body needs to rejuvenate. So each routine includes instructions on how many times per week you should perform each move and the appropriate amount of rest time.
Not Warming Up  
Once you get on your workout clothes and are ready to begin, itís easy to want to skip the warm-up and go directly to the intensity level. But, you shouldnít. What does ďwarming-upĒ really do? Well, as you might suspect it raises body temperature. This in return helps reduce muscle injuries and it assists in muscle performance. 
WFY remedy:  Workouts For You includes instructions on what  type of warm-up to do and how long to warm-up.  
Not Cooling Down
When your schedule is busy itís tough enough to fit in a workout. So to add extra time for a cool-down can seem impossible. But itís important to allow cool-down, even if just 5 minutes. This allows a gradual decrease in heart rate and blood pressure. Plus, researchers have found that exercisers who include a cool-down are more likely to continue to exercise because the last thing they remember about their session is the easy, more relaxing pace of their cool-down. 
WFY remedy: We include cool-down instructions with every exercise and ensure that the overall routine (warm-up, intensity-level and cool-down) is the right amount of time to fit into your schedule.
For more fitness advice, visit Fitness Tips and Ask The Trainer.


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