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Usually research has proven that any exercise is better than none. That doing mild intensity workouts are beneficial. But, when it comes to your bones, that may not be the case. A study showed that lower intensity aerobic exercise did not help make your bones stronger. What made bones strong? Building muscles. That is the best way to keep your bones healthy.... Read more!


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  Members of Workouts For You know:

                     It's about being a part of an Exclusive Group...

  You get a dedicated personal trainer who is always available to help you achieve your goals. We have great technology - but what really sets up apart is how we connect with each client directly. A real personal trainer tuned in to your specific needs.  

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  We have developed the most complete online system for personal training in existence. With great workouts created from a huge exercise library, a comprehensive meal planning system, and charts that track your progress so you always know where you stand -- we have great online tools built for you.    


  Bottom line: You want to achieve your fitness goals. Our clients from around the world have done just that and more. Let us help you get great results. You'll send your personal trainer accountability logs to provide feedback on workouts and meals. Our chart tracker gives you an instant view of fitness targets. And most importantly, you'll have regular contact with your trainer to keep you motivated.  
  WFY Members have bragging rights among family and friends -- they're a part of the most cutting-edge, new approach to fitness and wellness, and have the bodies to prove it!
  So don't wait -- join an exclusive group that enjoys a completely unique experience as part of the WFY community. Nowhere else will you get the combination of personalized attention and superior tools to help you achieve your goals.

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